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Date:2008-03-23 11:34
Subject:A meme from my brother
Mood: happy

Before I get stuck in - what the hell is a meme anyway?? :D Not only that but I had to look up the HTML tag for how to strike through something. Not technologically minded....

Leave blank anything you've never tried, but wouldn't mind having a go at.
Bold the things you do regularly.
Italicise the things you've done once or twice, or used to do.
Strike through anything that either you've tried and hated, or have a moral objection to.

Add a few more if you like.

lick yoghurt pot lids (Is this as bad as drinking milk from the carton?)
polish apples (Polish? Who on EARTH does that??? I much prefer to just EAT THEM.)
go to dance classes (Me? Seriously?)
smoke (Meh, tried it and it wasn't anything flash)
watch entire DVDs, including all the extras, in one sitting (Yep, you can blame Joe for that one :D )
do martial arts (Did tae kwan do at a conference I went to about a month ago)
have a crush on a fictitious character (Can't think of one offhand...)
drink herbal tea (I drink a lot of green tea, also like peach and mango, lemon, peppermint.....)
practice organized religion (You're kidding, right?)
read classic literature (Definitely trying to get into the classics... Wuthering Heights, The Mayor of Casterbrodge, DH Lawrence....)
have a favourite mug (Sadly, yes. It lives on top of the microwave. I used to have it at work until it nearly went missing one day. It's a blue Mickey Mouse-infused mug that my grandparents brought back from Disneyland one time.)
perform on stage (Not that I was ever the focus, but anyway..... it still counts....)
go out walking (We used to go out most weekends but now I have a treadmill that doesn't ever happen.... I just walk in place for 30 boring minutes a day....)
try to get your 5-a-day of fruit + veg (Well, I regularly try to get it, anyway. Have become a lot better on the fruit side of the equation.)
follow a fashion movement (That would be the "blind woman in front of a cupboard pulling out conflicting textures" movement. Ha. :D )
play team sports (Played cricket for four years in HS.)
watch more black + white films than colour ones
watch TV every day (Yes. Yes and yes. Way too much. And it will be more when the decent programming comes back.)
listen to Radio 4 (I am assuming this is the equivalent of 4KQ??)
write music (HA. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah. Right.)
have lie-ins that last over an hour (Not really. If I'm up, I'm up. None of this dicking around in bed crap.)
collect scrap paper (Sadly, at work, this is a yes. I use it for scribble paper. Or to write my Sudokus on when I'm not sure of the answer. And occasionally I try to keep wrapping paper.... yes, sad I know....)
forget to ring/e-mail/text/visit people when you say you will (Oh yes. No short-term memory will do that...)
have at least one credit card (Yep. And only one.)
have a BF/GF/spouse (Yep - the husband of the goodness, Joe. :D )
always have at least one BF/GF of the go, even if you're only with them because you can't find anyone better (Sadly, this one WAS a yes, before I met the aforementioned.)
write in TXT MSG SPK (Only in ACTUAL SMS'S.)
make sure you're at school/work on time every day (Even though I don't clock in and clock out.... sad.)
wish you had more power + influence (Don't we all?)
have tattoos (Nooooo......)
have piercings (Yep. One in each earlobe and one in upper left ear.)
sleep more than 8 hours at a time (I try to on weekends)
sleep more than 10 hours at a time (Not really.....)
remember + record your dreams (I remember some of them, but write them down? Never.)
have imaginary friends
write fanfic
write slash
write porn
write original novels
wish you lived in another era (The 16th and 17th centuries in England would have been interesting, but only if you were in the nobility.)
own a pair of pink fluffy slippers
switch lights off when you leave a room
recycle (Yep.)
buy seaside tat that amuses you
build castles/water features on the beach (I used to love doing it - before I became all girly about getting sand under my nails.)
wear make-up every day (I object - in our climate I just don't know how women DO it.)
have pets (Used to before I left home. Hoping to get some soon.)
breed pets
run your own business
do cash-in-hand work (Did tutoring in first year uni before I got a real job.)
take your camera whenever you go out (Not a big photo person, I have to admit...)

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Date:2008-03-18 08:30
Mood: bored

Yep. It sucks. Again and still. :(

Busy with sudoku and the Internet. Much more specifically - Facebook. What would I do in my day if it wasn't for Facebook?

We have finally set up a guy to do up our bathroom - we've chosen the accessories, now all we need to do is sign the contract. Should be happening in just a few weeks now. Yay! We will finaly have a shower that doesn't leak anymore.... and it's been getting worse so it's just as well we've finally gotten off our asses.

Kyle's 18th birthday is coming up - he's not having a party, just a family dinner. And we just had Annabelle's 21st birthday, so it's a time full of celebration. Joe and I have been together for four years this Friday (yes I know it's Good Friday), and we celebrate our one year wedding anniversary a month after that. We're planning a trip down to Sydney for the weekend, leaving Friday avo and getting back Monday avo (which is our actual anniversary). Then we have MATCHBOX TWENTY on the Tuesday night HOORAY!!! :D :D :D

Have been trying to get back into the treadmill routine lately, can't say I've been exactly diligent (hey, after all I simply hate doing it, even though I would just be sitting on my ass watching TV anyway, I may as well be on my feet watching it) - as in I've skipped the last couple of days, cause I haven't felt quite 100% - but I'm trying to be good. And I've cut back on sugar, to try and boost my immune system so I stop getting UTI's. So far so good - I may just have broken the cycle, will have to wait and see. Not sure if it was the lack of sugar or the increased echinacea, garlic and vitamin C, or the comtimued acidophilus and cranberry. I do have the lingering remnants of a cold, but hopefully no more UTI's. :)

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Date:2008-02-25 09:27
Subject:Back to a swimming atmosphere
Mood: silly

Ah. Brisbane never felt so good. After rather average temperatures in Sydney, where I've been for the last few days on a work conference, I get back and the next day is a 36 degree scorcher. Yes thank you climate. Reminding me once again why we choose to live in the Sunshine State.

But seriously, Sydney is a nice place to live but you just can't beat Brisbane's oppressive heat and swimming humidity. Something about it appeals to me. Even though the nearest beach is at least an hour's drive from our house. (If you don't count the fake beach at Southbank, that is!)

So at the conference, which was specially for all us naive graduates, we had fun, drank lots of alcomohol (not me personally, but some of them went through enough to sink those big cruise ships that we kept seeing, although we missed the best ones that went past on Saturday) and did all those icebreaker things you expect at training sessions. Lots of lice food and not enough time to enjoy ourselves in a strange town. And daylight saving made the 6:30am exercise sessions all the more difficult to attend.

Now I'm back at work, with a list of things to organise and an actual piece of work sitting on my desk HOORAY!!! Joe has his MRI this afternoon so hopefully that will answer the questions the back specialist still has about what exactly is wrong with him. Maybe we're looking at a couple of weeks off work to rest; we're still not sure.

And we have Facebook access restored at work hooray! Lots of time to spend to waste away on silly apps! But today I'm going to make sure I get all my work related stuff out of the way first.

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Date:2008-02-12 08:24
Subject:Sleep... beautiful sleep
Mood: sleeeepy

Which is what I want right now. Can you believe it's only Tuesday and already I'm tired? Sooo much random shit going on right now. Like:
- My two best friends from high school hooking up.
- My grandmother in hospital with a golden staph infection.
- My brother-in-law having money problems (again) and having his phone disconnected.
- Lining up a contractor to renovate our bathroom. (At $10,000 - ouch!)
- My husband having an MRI for his back next week.
- Going down the Coast this weekend for Valentine's Day.
- My brother's 18th birthday coming up.
- My sister-in-law's 21st birthday coming up.
- The conference I get to go to for work down in Sydney for four glorious days.
- More work training than I can poke a stick at.
- Days and days on Facebook. Quite literally.
- My periodic bouts of heartburn.

Oh yawn. No wonder I don't have the energy to do anything much. So much shit happening and I have to waste 9 hours at work every day. :(

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Date:2008-01-17 11:47
Subject:goddamn media circus
Mood: grumpy


I have to vent. I just have to.

What sort of society do we live in when a 16 year old can invite 500 strangers (considering it was a MySpace party, I think we can safely assume most of them weren't his friends) around, create a massive mess and disturbance, and he gets PAID (yes that's right, paid) to basically advertise himself and his impossibly stupid and extremely careless behaviour??

The media had an absolute field day writing about every teeny thing he does, from hanging up on his parents to doing radio and TV interviews - ninemsn.com was a particular culprit.

Now that he's been bailed up on public nuisance and, would you believe, CHILD PORNOGRAPHY charges, they are prohibited by law from using his or his parents' names in articles. Considering that this law is designed to protect underage offenders from possible public vilification, how much damage do you think it's done that his name and face have already been shown on almost every publication and TV network?

I'm not quite sure how to say what I feel about this. Not only are his parents partly to blame - which fits perfectly with the almost irrefutable fact that his parents, and not he, will be footing the potential $40,000+ damage and police bill - but how is it that he thought it was ever OK in the first place?

First the Chaser, who got never-ending media coverage for pulling a ridiculous and obviously well-thought out stunt, and now this. Is it possible for the media to exercise restraint? Look at the Virginia Tech shooter. He did it "so his name would be up in lights". Media execs need to exercise restraint. Don't look at it as a cash cow - just look at it as stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. Not that people don't deserve to be informed. But for goodness sake - these people do it so that they become famous.

Stupid people (as I have ranted previously) will never cease to amaze and intensely frustrate me.

And isn't it funny - I don't feel all that much better from having got it all out. Maybe because I can't quite figure out how to properly express it. I'm just sick of stupid people being allowed to get away with being stupid. In all walks of life.

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Date:2008-01-11 09:50
Subject:My 10 2007 Learnings
Mood: pensive

The idea for this list originally came from Rachel Moulton, some 7 years ago. Instead of posting resolutions, which as per my previous post, are silly and doomed to ultimate failure, I would like to present you with (in no particular order):

Alyssa's Top 10 Learnings and Lessons from 2007

1. Get married (though I would not recommend more than once). You get awesome pressies, a day you'll never forget and a partner who will love you for the rest of your life.

2. Buddhism is everywhere. Just ask Joe.

3. Drought sucks. So do 4 minute showers, not being able to wash your car without having to fork out money for crap soap and a brush that you wouldn't... well, wash your car with.

4. Don't rag out 14 year olds when they like girls. Eventually they get sick of it. Or get big enough to be able to hurt you for it. :)

5. Don't stand for BS. Learn how to identify it and let it roll off. Like water off a duck's back.

6. Go overseas. You just don't get the liberation and experience that comes with mingling with another language and culture by going to Chinatown.

7. Women sleep on the side of the bed nearest the door - I am told that this is so they can get to the kids/phone/bathroom/etc. quicker.

8. Learn how to compromise. If marriage teaches you anything, it's that. :)

9. Urinary tract infections aren't fun. And they can end up costing quite a bit of $$.

10. You are never the best person you can be. Spend your life trying to be that person.

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Date:2008-01-11 09:32
Subject:My 10 2005 Learnings

Well hello all.

I thought I would take a moment out of my busy schedule to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and hope you had a great holiday period, even those who found themselves working :(
It was a fantastic year, the ol' 2005, and I thought I would take a moment (as has become something of a tradition and ritual) to share the top 10 things I learned over the past 12 months.

1. Never give up. On life, love, work, family, success, the future. And this applies to so many other things, so it's just a general statement.

2. Working in a video shop was so cushy. However, the new salary and role I have with JHG aren't so bad a substitute!

3. Working leaves little time to keep a blog up to date.

4. Living out of home: OH Yeah!

5. Being so close to getting your open licence is a pain in the but. Only one month and a couple of weeks to go...

6. Get engaged. I highly recommend it!

7. Don't take friends for granted; who knows when you'll see them again.

8. A whole year of 21'sts is quite expensive.

9. Find someone who can push you to be just that little bit better. Then make sure they actually do.

10. Enjoy Christmas every year, 'cause 'tis the season to eat chocolate, fa la la la la, la la la la.....

I must say apologies to those of you who I didn't speak to, either much or even at all, last year; at the moment my life just seems to fly by, however please drop me an email line and I'd love to know what you're getting up to these days!

Stay safe this year, may it bring partners and friends closer, and for those still at uni this year, thanks for not making me feel lonely!
Cheers to all of you.

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Date:2008-01-11 08:58
Subject:My 10 2004 Learnings

Dear friends .... and others... :)

I find myself on the first day of a new year and, as always, I feel compelled to present to you what has now become a tradition (for those of you who have been friends with me for long enough to have received multiple copies of this annual email).

I now hereby give you "Alyssa's List Of Things Learned In 2004":

1. It is a good idea to try to get away at least once a year, away from your normal life, in order to retain some sanity.

2. Photo taking can be fun.

3. Working in a video store remains "the job" to have.

4. Having someone who is willing to put up with everything you are because they want nothing more than to make you happy, is the best thing in the world.

5. Drinking is fun if you don't actually quite get drunk!

6. Lego is a convenient cover for alcohol.

7. I can be good to myself.

8. Friends are so important to me, I just need to make the effort.

9. Flirting may be fun (and I think we all agree with that), but it makes no sense to hurt people by even sub-consciously pretending to feel or think something that you don't.

10. Life can be balanced - I just need to learn how!

I remember that there was one thing in particular that I wanted to include in that list, but not having written it down at the time, and my memory being as it is (not unlike a sieve), it has unfortunately passed into the annals of the never-to-be-retrieved in the dark depths of my brain.

This year is one that despite all the hiccups, I can confidently call one of my best yet. I had bad years when I was 10, 11, that sort of age, but as I have progressed and blossomed into the person I am now, I feel comfortable with the company I keep and the image I show people every day when I am being myself.

I remain reminded by something I said in last year's update, "and who knows, maybe 2004 will be the year when I finally find someone who can put up with me on a more permanent basis". I have found someone who is unfailing in his support of me in everything I could ever hope to do, and everyone I know can see what a change Joey has made in my outlook on life and the way I treat myself as a person.

One thing I have been slow on this year, as I tend to be in all years, is my contact with persons I don't see on a more than weekly basis. My best mate Amse was in New Zealand, only arriving back yesterday, and I ashamedly say I think the number of emails I sent remains single figures, after 10 months over there. Friends from school who, despite my best intentions only seem to receive this email as an update on how I am faring in life, I really should be trying to catch up with. I had a very enjoyable evening in late October, with a good mate Isaac's birthday, and it makes me feel good to know that my good friends from school want to know how I am going with everything.

Anyway, enough of the ramblings. I will again valiantly attempt to make this year better than the last, knowing that I have so many people who want to share my ever growing life with me. We all know that I don't make resolutions, due to their notorious manner of not actually happening, however I will say that I want to be able to make a significant difference (one for the better, of course!) to the lives of at least three of my friends. Something that, now having come to a peace with myself, I feel confident of achieving.

Cheers to all and let's catch up soon, every one of you!


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Date:2008-01-11 08:57
Subject:My 10 2003 Learnings

Once more, with feeling....

Yes folks, once more we have reached the end of a fantastic and yet so stunningly short year, filled with ups and downs, comings and goings, laughter and tears. Again, it has been a year full of new things, people and experiences, each of which teaches life lessons and helps make you who you want to be. These can be once again summed up in the third successive "Alyssa's List of Things To Remember (For Good or Bad) In 2004":

1. It is very important to know who your friends are and who you can count on when push comes to shove.

2. Working in a video shop is great!

3. Being single is even better!

4. I have one of the nicest smiles (apparently - I reckon it's more of a grin myself) and I don't mind sharing it.

5. Drinking is over-rated.

6. A good nickname is a hard thing to get.

7. There's nothing like camping to reinforce bonds between friends.

8.There is only so much karma in the world - which means, if you have a really good week, you better brace yourself....

9. In the words of a good friend of mine, "Life's too short to be sorry".

10. Never let people chase or be chased in the game of love - it's dangerous emotionally and causes a whole lot of confusion in the long run.

It's been a great year, going through 2nd year civil, and I would just like to say a big thank you to my mates in civil, who made this year bearable through 8am lectures even though you got a damned day off.

To all my school mates, I know we didn't do a whole lot of catching up this year. Lives are becoming more diverse outside CHAC, which makes it all the better when we do catch up I guess.

Once again, thank you to all the people who have been there for me when I needed an ear to have a whinge into, especially those I have leaned on more heavily than others (you know who you are) for various reasons. A big thanks also has to go to people who have encouraged me to find myself this year - it has been hard, and I don't think the search will ever end, but it is something that I have been avoiding for a long time, and maybe now I will finally be able to open myself up to people again, and who knows, maybe 2004 will be the year when I finally find someone who can put up with me on a more permanent basis (read: maybe).

Apologies to people who I have not treated well this year. I am hard to live with, so I appreciate them being there at all, and I hope they know that.

So now it remains to say goodbye to 2003 and disappoint people by saying that I generally don't make resolutions, just committed plans (that way if I fail, it doesn't matter so much), which I'd rather keep to myself.

Make the year all you want it to be.


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Date:2008-01-11 08:55
Subject:My 10 2002 Learnings

Hi all,

Well, as 2002 draws to a close, I suppose I'll take up a few minutes of your time and reflect on the year that's been.

As I have done for the last couple of years, from the original idea (which is © Rachel Moulton 2000), I thought I'd go through the top 10 things I learned throughout 2002.

1. You don't miss what you have until, one day, you find yourself without it.

2. Never try to guess what other people are thinking and feeling, because it could get you into a lot of trouble.

3. Some guys are the wrong type.

4. Working full-time might be tiring, frustrating and monotonous, but the day you get your pay is always the best day of the week.

5. It IS better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, and you don't fully understand until you've been there, done that.

6. You can't let other people make all your life decisions for you.

7. Uni is hard work, but a whole lot of fun as well!

8. What a shame we only turn 18 once.

9. The best person you can be is yourself.

10. My friends are my world.

I've had quite a bit of reason to reflect on what I've done in the past year, both the fun things and the stuff that's been slightly less well received by my friends. So thank you to all of my friends who've been there in the good times, because being able to kick back on occasion with the people you've grown to know and love over so many years at school, or partying with good mates from uni makes you realise that this is what life's all about. Meeting people and living life to the full.

And then there's the things I shouldn't have done. Now is when I need to apologise, and the people who I'm talking to know what for. I'm terrible at calling people, either when I said I would or when I knew I should, and I'll try to improve. I am often guilty of bad judgement, for saying things at the wrong time, or not thinking properly before I say or do something. So sorry to everyone I've been tough on throughout the year, and I hope I can make 2003 a better year.

Finally, I want to say that I hope everyone's New Year is everything they want it to be, and you can look back at the same time next year with no regrets. Only you can make your New Year everything and anything you want it to be.

Have a good one,


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Date:2008-01-11 08:52
Subject:My 10 2001 Learnings

Hello all you friends of 2001,
It seemed as though, at the start of the year, we would nevedr stick it out this long, that somehow, we would find ourselves perpetually caught in the middle of the year. But now here we are, none the worse and certainly a little the wiser for the last year.
So now, I thought (taking a leaf out of my good friend Rachel's book, who thought of this before I did) I would list all the things I've learned this year, so maybe I could share my eternal wisdom with you.

1. Boys are so much more trouble than they're worth. Don't chase them,
let them come to you. (I did learn this last year, but I had to re-learn it again come Schoolies)
2. Cider is definitely the way to fly.
3. People will always comment when you have guys as friends, as though it's an unfathomable concept.
4. It takes something drastic to find out who your true friends are, but once it happens, you'll be glad it did.
5. You can buy designer clothes for under $10.
6. A conscience can be a bad thing.
7. Friends are more important than perhaps anything you will ever have.
8. I am good enough for an OP 1.
9. Christmas is always more fun with presents, not just money.

And now for the no.1 thing I have learned....

10. Never wish something in your life could have been different. If it had, then you wouldn't be where you are today, and you may not have met all the wonderful people you know right now. Just be thankful things have worked out the way they have, because you don't know how they would have if things were different.

So anyway, I hope all of you had a good Chrissie, and did all the right things without getting into too much trouble. All the best for the New Year, remember me in the future (if you're likely to forget), and if any of you feel like getting out for a day, give me a call and we can have a good old-fashioned catch up like in the good old days. As long
as you can come and pick me up (until I get my licence, anyway).
Stay safe and I'll catch ya's all later,

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Date:2008-01-11 08:12
Subject:NY - I feel an urge to comment on resolutions
Mood: opinionated

New Year's resolutions. What a silly idea.

How are people better equipped to make decisions regarding their next 12 months on January 1 than any other day of the year? Resolutions take advantage of the fact that you're reflecting on what screwed up, or what you didn't do, in the last 12 months. Coupled with the fact that you probably ate a kilo of fat per day for the entire holiday week, which makes you reluctant to try on those skinny jeans you went to all the Chrissie functions in only a month before, so automatically losing weight becomes a resolution.

I tell you, it plays on the innate vulnerability of the human mind to suggestion and innuendo. Particularly with all the afore-mentioned swimming around in your head.

Then you get to December and realise that although you didn't do your resolutions (which you personally feel disappointed about, but won't show it), no-one else did either, your size 14 friend is still size 14 despite all her avowals to the contrary, and you say that this year will be different.

Ah the joys of a vicious cycle.

But for those people who have made resolutions, good for you. At least some commitment is better than no commitment. Not that I'm saying I haven't committed to anything. In the next 6-12 months we will renovate our bathroom, fix the deck, sell the house, buy another house, get pets, possibly travel, catch up with friends and relatives, start exercising more, eat better and lose a bit of weight.


Reno the bathroom: This has been on the cards for over 12 months now. We are just reaching the timeframe we initially planned on. So not a NYR.
Fix the deck: Spoke to Joe's dad about doing that in October.
Sell the house: When we got engaged and I moved in, we discussed the most appropriate time for moving, and decided that it would be immediately after the bathroom was fixed up.
Buy another house: I think this one speaks for itself.
Get pets: We decided a long time ago this was conditional upon buying our new house. Add the fact that we really want them now.
Travel: I guess this depends on how much $$ we have spare, when we get pets, holidays etc. This one is the only doubtful one, but we don't have our hearts set on it this year, actually planning for next year, but see how we go.
Catch up with people: We need to do this more all the time.
Exercising, eating better and losing weight: This is a symptom of Joe just being diagnosed with a bulging disc and needing to start some sort of exercise program (so I may as well go along for the ride). And the rather sedentary nature of our jobs.

That's not to say there aren't things I want to change. But I'm not going to make a year long promise to myself and everyone I know, who will just think "I told you so" when in December I'm still exactly the same. Better to do things when you think of them, do it for yourself, and if people notice then all the better.

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Date:2008-01-07 09:46
Subject:Work sucks.... and not just for me
Mood: pensive

As I sit at the same desk I've sat at for the last six months, I have occasion to reflect on the fact that other people have much more hateful jobs than I do.

But having said that - this sucks.

I have work to do, but it's proving more tricky than I first anticipated. Not hard, you will note in my choice of words. Just pain-in-the-ass tricky.


But poor Joe never even got a break over Christmas - he has to wait until April to have his two weeks off. At least he got most of the public holidays though. He went for x-rays on his back on Friday, to see if he has a bulging disc or not - his back's been giving a bit of grief over the last little while.

Chrissie was good, got the usual loot from the fams and got to give some cracking pressies that we were rather proud of thinking of! At least it didn't rain on the day - but the clouds kept the day cool enough.

And the rain! - today's been the first fine day since Boxing Day! My poor folks went down to Brunswick Heads (north NSW coast) last week and were totally rained out - not the best time to spend at the beach, that's for sure!

I'll try to post a pic from the NYE party we went to - gotta love an 80's themed gig with people who will play along!! :D

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Date:2007-12-20 14:31
Subject:and random yay
Mood: just remembered something!

I found my long-lost fork at work today. It fell out from a whole pile of paper as I was scrounging around today. I thought it had been swallowed up into the void that is the work cutlery drawer.

And I just finished reading Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley - highly recommended, and not at all what I expected.....

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Date:2007-12-20 14:26
Subject:Now there's TOO much choice!
Mood: schwat to do now?

So. They've just announced a second Brissie show.


So we bought tix to that already, and now have to offload the others as soon as we get them in the mail. This is good, cause then we get to go out to dinner AND I get to go to the concert, but now we have to try and get rid of the tix.

But YAY!! (if they'd only organised it in the first place.............)

Bring on Xmas! I am so so excited about going off on leave. Even though it'll only be for 1.5 weeks (or 2 if I get approval in the next day and a half for the other half a week), it basically starts at 10am tomorrow, so much excitement. It's such a shame Joe doesn't get time off though.

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Date:2007-12-17 08:58
Subject:what a good husband... yes you are.....
Mood: over the moon

Can I just say I have the best husband on the planet.

Seeing as tix to the Hunter Valley MB20 show sold out mighty fast, and we were thinking of doing a road trip down there and spending a week away to celebrate our anniversary...


(although I must say it came attached with a whole lot of conditions.... too many to go into here... suffice it to say I am going to pay the price in the coming months :) )

So what we'll do is take a long weekend and go away Sat/Sun nights, then come back and have a nice early dinner before going to the concert on the Monday night!

I can't believe I am being so irrationally happy about going to see a concert for our anniversary! But as I have heard a rumour that this may be their last time in Oz, I can't very well miss them, can I?

Oh joy.

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Date:2007-12-10 08:37
Subject:The sorrow.... oh the sorrow.....
Mood: resigned to my fate

As you may or may not know, Matchbox 20 is my favourite band. Ever.

Also as you may or may not know, they are coming to Australia.

This should be the cause for much joy.


The last time they were in Oz (2003), they just happened to be performing in Brisbane on 3 August. Yes, that was my 19th birthday. As you may well imagine, the chances of that happening were damned small and as such my excitement was inversely proportional.

So when I heard the rumour that they were coming BACk to Oz to promote their new album Exile on Mainstream in April next year, I said to Joe, the only date it could be that I would even think of not going would be our anniversary - April 21. I said if it was that day, we wouldn't go, but if it was any other, we would be there in a heartbeat.

Now the kicker.

So, out of every possible date imaginable for my fave band to be playing in my hometown, what date did they pick?


April 21.

God-damn it.

I am so disappointed. I mean, I knew it was a possibility that they might be here that night, but really??? And Joe's not a massive fan like I am, so I don't want him to have to sit through it on our 1 year anniversary.

But I am so bummed. :(

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Date:2007-12-05 11:22
Mood: crack-a-lackin'

There are things I should be doing right now.... but I couldn't be sacked. So i thought.... whee..... posting goodness.....

I love Excel. (There is a little bit of sarcasm in that remark, but not as much as even I might like to imagine) Especially every time I want to do something, and I find it actually does have a function to make it do that. Although it made one file go up to 6.5meg. I've never seen an Excel file so large. But there is a pile of coding in there.... Excel would have to be the only program I can actually code in with any degree of effectiveness.

And I really wish my lingering cold would just go away. Every morning I wake up full of phlegm and I sniffle all day. It's not bad enough to keep me from work, though - just enough to be damned annoying.

Well Rohan's up and about, well as much as you could expect him to be, anyway.... by Xmas he should be back to his usual self. I bet he's itching to just be able to ride a bike or run again.

We're all geared up to go Chrissie shopping this weekend - I wonder if the bank a/c is ready to take this hit? :)

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Date:2007-11-29 09:55
Mood: mixed emotions

I singularly *hate* people in authority on power trips.

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Date:2007-11-26 15:19
Subject:Mondays and stuff
Mood: since when is this "peaceful"?

Another day of nothing much. Except now we have a new government - incidentally, not the one that my company sent out letterhead stationery urging us to vote for. So it will be interesting to see what happens, especially with WorkChoices, the bit that JH got so excited and enthusiastic about.

On a brighter note, the Caltex Xmas party on Friday night was really good - good food (especially if you liek a nice seafood spread - prawns, oysters etc.), good entertainment, nice venue (Stamford Plaza), and we had a pretty good table. So all in all it was a nice evening, even though we had to fork out $50 a head to go. (So there would have wanted to be seafood there, actually!)

I contemplated getting the tree out on the weekend, but by the end of Sunday it hadn't happened and I didn't feel like doing that and cooking lasagne. So it'll have to be next weekend.

And Krissy and Ron just got a lease on a place not far from us, at Camira - very exciting, first time she's been out of home! They're really looking forward to it, and it's nice to see her so settled and comfortable with him. He's much nicer than the last one....!

Rohan's recuperating nicely, my mother's sleeping poorly because he's set up in their bed (because it's the only bed on the ground floor) but by the sounds of it he's getting there slowly. By Friday they reckon he'kll be up and around more or less normally, and then it'll be off to the physio to get the muscle strength back. I don't envy him that one bit.

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